HI, I’m Barnaby

If you ever thought that just being an everyday Joe Bag O’Doughnuts wasn’t enough, Barnaby will show you how to be proud of being just a REAL human being with his unique keynote speaking presentation.


A REAL human being telling a a REAL story

Barnaby doesn’t just TELL an interesting story – he is living one – a diabetic, he was bashed in alcohol fueled gang attack and had a stroke at 25, then lost his first wife to breast cancer, but using nothing more than the resilience inside him he has played in the AFL for the Sydney Swans, hosts an interview show (Everyday Greatness), climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, walked the Kokoda track, made an AFL come-back to play his hundredth game for his local footy club, and he is now a husband, stepfather and homeowner.

When you invite Barnaby his team will organise and he will make every effort to arrive early at your function and stay back late to meet and chat to people – Call Barnaby today to arrange to have a REAL human being speak at your next function.

Rain falls on the just and the unjust I like, but there comes a time when you just have to get over it and go and play in the puddles.

Some words from people Barnaby has worked with…

“At yLead we are constantly searching for high quality speakers with the ability to present an interesting and relevant message, whilst engaging a diverse range of audiences. Barnaby Howarth has not only met our expectations, but has well and truly exceeded them. Barnaby is the ultimate role model. His profound life journey, along with the rich perspective he has developed along the way, is utterly inspiring. He has the ability to challenge the way people think about themselves, their relationships and their future.”


CEO, yLead

“Barnaby Howarth did a keynote presentation for the Fortnum Group at our July 2017 Conference. Not only was the delivery by Barnaby outstanding but the message he gave struck a chord with the whole audience. We had tremendous feedback from everyone regarding Barnaby’s contribution to the Conference.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other conference organisers.”


Chairman, Fortnum Financial Advisers

“As a business woman, and having the privilege of chatting professionally, I experience a lot of speakers- Barnaby is one of the best!! His relaxed, casual, fun, real chatting style is easy to listen to. He is an articulate, wise and a prepared presenter and he is committed to sharing strategies rather than “rah, rah”.

I watched Barnaby chat with 13 and 14 year olds-the toughest audience of all, and they were inspired by him and took away a stack of immediately implementable tools to grow themselves as human beings.”


Founder, MAX College

“What Barnaby offers is unique. He isn’t a celebrity. He isn’t what you would normally expect to see on the corporate or event circuit. He speaks honestly and with credibility. I would definitely use him again as a keynote speaker or Master of Ceremonies.”


Freelance Event Producer

"Barnaby is more than a friend of the Club, he is a Blood. To say his story is one of resilience does not do it justice. Quite simply, Barnaby is a remarkable human and delivers his lessons with candour and humour in equal measures. Anyone who spends time with Barnaby will walk away a better person."


Freelance Event Producer

Invite Barnaby to Your Upcoming Event 

Life is generally awesome if we’re only equipped with resiliency and a positive outlook on life. Talk to Barnaby today if you need a resilience speaker.